Earth Bound Enchantment


Learn how to self heal, self love, and connect deeper with others through the way of the Tantric arts.
Reiki is a great way to attune your energy and to release stress. Helping to attain ones natural state of being..

All TANTRA sessions and cermonies will be held in a safe and discreet candle lit environment for you to escape from your stress and be super charged from the inside out.
My exotic temple place of worship is located in Los Angeles California.

Bliss - $200.00
Activation - $300.00
My Reiki healing packages provide energy and light work to help you to relieve physical pains as well as emotional, and energetic. You will relax on an amethyst bio-mat made of 1 million amethyst crystals while listening to relaxing music in a candle lit environment. Aromatherapy and sound bath will be provided.


Earth Bound Enchantment founder Nickie Jean is trained in multiple modalities of healing including being a Reiki master, Kambo, and Certified Tantric Practitioner.